Presentations Archive

        Since the inception of this project, every research team has had to present their final findings to their peers and the larger school community.  The purpose of these presentations has been to allow students a less formal and more creative way to share what they have learned and to provide exposure to one of the practical realities of environmental science:  the political need sometimes to "sell" the results of scientific research to a lay audience.  Toward this end, the students create 5-10 minute summaries of their investigations and their conclusions and are encouraged to find ways to share what they have learned in ways that excite and grab their audience's attention.

         Below are links to the best of these presentations, arranged chronologically starting with the 2003 program (when it became possible to record and save them as part of the project's web site).  We hope you enjoy!


2003 Presentations

2011 Presentations
Acid Rain:  A Cautionary Tale! [54.5 MB]



2004 Presentations

2012 Presentations

    Mr. Brock and the Magic Surfboard        [19.1 MB]  

CCE News:  Biology in Context! [67.7 MB]

The Bacteria Familyís Big Bash!         [635 KB]    

Our Friends the Trees [10.5 MB]



2005 Presentations

2013 Presentations


The Catastrophic Car Caper [18.5 MB] Trash! [40.5 MB]

Spray That Field? [2.2 MB]

Bacteria-ville USA [111 MB]
  Biology News Network [130 MB]

2007 Presentations

  2014 Presentations

Bob the Bacteria [1.4 MB]


All Our Friends [3.7 MB]

Princess Fiona-Fungiís Adventure [19.2 MB]


A Day in the Life of Pamela the Protozoa
9.82 MB]
2008 Presentations  
2015 Presentations
The Peggy Protozoa Story [4.9 MB]  
  Name That Tune!
[50.4 MB]
2009 Presentations Bacteriabob Soilpants
[76.8 MB]
Fred the Fungi [8.6 MB] 2017 Presentations
Protozoa vs. Aeration [8.2 MB]  
  A Soil Ecology Mystery
[59.4 MB]
2010 Presentations The Bacteria Family Adventure
[135 MB]
  Impact of Fertilizer on Bacteria
[59.2 MB]
Fertilizer 101 [26.3 MB]  
The Peppy Protozoans [17 MB] 2018 Presentations
[70.7 MB]